Using solo ads to grow your affiliate marketing business.

If you’re new to the world of affiliate marketing, you might not be familiar with the term “solo ad.”

What Are Solo Ads?

It’s an advertisement in the form of an email, video, or article that is sent to a list of people who have agreed to be sent offers. It’s a powerful marketing tool because it allows you to quickly reach a large number of potential customers with minimal effort. In this post, I’ll cover the basics of solo ads, how to create one, and the best places to find Solo Ads vendors.

As I said before, a solo ad is a single advertisement that is delivered via an email list. The advertiser pays the list owner to send the ad out to their list of subscribers. The ad usually contains a short sales copy and could also contain a link to a landing page that has more information about the product.

A solo ad campaign requires a lot of planning and a focused approach. A solo campaign allows the advertiser to talk to their audience in a less formal way.

Affiliate marketers have to design, test, and optimize their campaigns.

The Most Important Elements of  Solo Ads

The capability to create a good swipe email will be a key element in your solo ad business. You wish to send out an email that makes individuals click, but at the same time, makes people opt-in and also purchase from you.

In the solo ads world, numbers are the most crucial element. You should fine-tune your campaign to its optimum and also specifically know your numbers. Then you are on your way to success.

You need to treat this like a real business, work out your prices, and analyze the number of clicks that you get, how much that makes you, and much more.

From this information, you can work out specifically just how to scale the business as well as make certain changes to continue growing.

It likewise indicates that you should focus on the facets of your business that need enhancement, like your capture page, your follow-up series, or simply the web traffic your buying in the first place … you can see your “weakness” as well as fix it.

My Top 4 places to buy Solo Ads


Using solo ads to grow your affiliate marketing business

Udimi is a huge solo ad network where solo ad sellers in different niches sell e-mail traffic.

Udimi functions as a middle man, where it connects buyers as well as sellers under one roof.

As a result, you would certainly find 100’s solo ad vendors from various areas.

If you’re brand-new to solo ads, then Udimi would be your best selection due to the fact that you can:

– Select solo ad suppliers from 100’s

of readily available ones.

-Review buyer reputation, filter solo ad sellers by specific niche, CPC, rate website traffic, languages, and far more.

-Get in touch with solo ads service providers straight (online chat) to discuss exactly how they have actually grown their email list.

-Be assured that your money is risk-free because there is no place for fraud.

Facebook Groups

Using solo ads to grow your affiliate marketing business

Did you know that there are hundreds of Facebook groups devoted to solo ads?

Yes, there, the buyers share their solo ads reviews and recommend good vendors to help others. Likewise, people are sharing their experiences with each seller as well

Simply search on Facebook by using terms like “solo ads,” solo ads testimonials,or “email swaps” to find groups connected to solo ads.

Warrior Forum

Using solo ads to grow your affiliate marketing business

Warriorforum is a free internet marketing forum and in my opinion the best.

If you go to the Classified ads section on Warrior Forum, you can find there solo ads vendors who are selling solo email for a low price.

Using solo ads to grow your affiliate marketing business

Solo Ads Vendors

Most solo ad vendors have sites where they sell their solo ads without an intermediate.

However, you have to be careful here because it has some risks. Occasionally you may be scammed.

Sometimes they will not deliver as described or provide low-quality traffic.

Ensure to investigate the seller’s history before purchasing solo ads, as well as speak to the vendor to know exactly how they have built their listing, the top nations the customers come from, and if they are making money with the list, as well as which products work much better for his/her list.

It’s easy to discover solo ad vendors. Just use Google typing “solo ads” or “solo ad vendors” to locate these solo ad vendor’s sites.

Other Important Tools for Solo Ads buyers


Using solo ads to grow your affiliate marketing business

Click fraud is a huge problem, particularly in the solo ads arena. Usually, CPC (cost per click) for each solo ad click in a competitive business like MLM, Business Opportunities, Make Money Online are high.

That’s why you must use a solo ads click tracking tool like Qliker

Here’re a few features of Qliker for solo ad buyers.

-Fraud Detection

-Track email traffic (such as unique traffic, platforms, countries)

-Link rotation

-Track traffic quality

-Track conversions

-Track ROI for each solo ads purchase or solo ads campaign

Qliker offer a 30-day free trial.

Click here to create your free Qliker account



using solo ads to grow your affiliate marketing business

Clickfunnels is the most known tool used by many solo ads buyers to design high-converting solo ads squeeze pages (solo ads opt-in pages) and sales funnels.

Watch this interesting Clickfunnels promotional video to know about Clickfunnels.

This is what you can do with Clickfunnels:

-Create high converting opt-in pages for solo ad traffic.

-Create sales funnels. (ex: OTO pages, upsell pages)

-Manage your email marketing campaigns with the Actionetics service offered by Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels offers a 14-day free trial

Click Here to get Clickfunnels



using solo ads to build an affiliate marketing business

If your solo ads funnels have any one-time offer (OTO) or upsell that solo ads subscribers should purchase, then you have to try ThriveCart .

I use ThriveCart to create great and high converting checkout pages for every digital and physical product I sell.

This is what you can do with ThriveCart

-Integrate multiple payment processors like PayPal, Stripe, to make payments.

-Use stand-alone checkout pages or embedded checkout forms

-Create un-branded checkout pages (ex: use your custom domain, add custom logos, etc.)

-Add money-back guarantee seals and testimonials to increase conversions.

-Create bump offers, upsells, downsells, OTOs, free trials to make more money from every solo ads lead.

-Recruit affiliates to increase revenue

ThriveCart is the #1 online cart platform in the market.

ThriveCart customer support is also great and the developers add features regularly.

Check out ThriveCart Here


Solo ads can offer marketers great results when you are willing to work hard to build a credible landing page and earn users’ trust.

Solo ads are a great way to generate leads and can allow you to deliver ads to users who sign up for your list. By running solo ads, you can get the attention of targeted prospects and generate leads for your business in minutes. But running solo ads can be challenging. Getting people to sign up for your email list is a critical part of your online marketing strategy, but creating a compelling copy that draws people into your business can be tricky. One of the main things you need to keep in mind when running solo ads is building trust with your prospects. This can be done by working on the quality of your content and the design of your ads.


Solo ads for affiliate marketing are a lucrative marketing tool. To make the most of it, you need to understand the marketing strategies that are used to attract people to the offers and how to use the resources that are available.

I hope this article helps you to understand better how to use Solo Ads to grow your affiliate marketing business.

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