It is becoming increasingly harder to write content that will generate a high number of clicks. This is due to a combinations of different reasons such as tighter and new regulations by search engines and increased competition among content creators. For your content to stand out, comply with the regulations of search engines and gain many views, content creators and marketers have to use a multitude of tools. Among the tools you need for quality content creation are the ones which will help you find related keywords. The following is a list of content marketing top tools to find related keyword for your content.

1. Google Adwords Keyword Planner
This tool is free and it will give you an insight of how Google groups keywords. One you search a keyword, it will show you other related keywords and how much they have been used.

2, Social Media
Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram are easy and free ways to find related keywords for your content. To find a related keyword on Instagram for example, search for your keyword name preceded by the hashtag sign (#) and you will find other related words.

3. Google Correlate
From the name “correlate” you can tell its function. This tool is free and it has other nifty features that will be of great help to content creators.

4. BrightEdge
This is a paid tool from DataCube. It has a search bar where you write your keyword and it will help you find related keywords. You can filter the results based on metrics such as high volume or long-tail keywords.

5. Wordstream Keyword Tool
This tool is very convenient for content creators who are especially interested in niche keywords. The tool is free and apart from semantic keywords it will also provide you with keyword variations and a filter tool to help you narrow down on what you want.