John Crestani is a very huge name in the affiliate world so it is no surprise that I need to do a review on his course known as the super affiliate system 3.0


So I went beforehand and bought the course to look at what it is all about and inform you in case you can get it or not.


Who’s John Crestani?

I won’t go into an excessive amount of detail here due to the fact you could know already however if you don’t know about John Crestani he is a well known professional in affiliate marketing. He has an excellent understanding of all types of paid advertising and marketing from google ads, youtube ads, FB and local advertising networks.


John learned how to craft his online marketing while working for a marketing company. He was able to increase sales for many companies, therefore, making him a celebrity in the organization. “Luckily” for him although he was ultimately fired after which set out on his very own. The rest is history.


The Super affiliate system 3.0 review

Super Affiliate System 3.0

This is his new course and my purpose here is to show it to you, provide you with my thoughts and to determine if it is worth the money or not. At the amount of $997 it’s a bit steep so need your attention here before paying!

The course’s aim is to make a successful “Paid traffic” marketer in the duration of 6 weeks. In this time period, you’ll have videos worth of 50 hours explaining the process of affiliate marketing from A to Z.

Within the first two weeks, you’ll learn the fundamentals, which includes explaining the business version, the attitude required, a way to set up tracking software and creating landing pages.

The subsequent weeks within the course will provide an explanation for a way to use the big traffic resources like facebook, Adwords and local advertising and marketing.

Inside last modules, you will be learning about optimizing affiliate campaign scaling to hundreds of dollars a day – it’s true they have that claim on their member’s page!

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Ok, let’s get on with the modules!

Week 1 – Introduction & System setup

Here’s what’s mentioned inside the first week:

  • Aim setting
  • The way to join affiliate networks – Clickbank, etc.
  • Setting up your web page
  • The way to set up your presell web page
  • How to setup your FB ads
  • A way to best work with affiliate networks

In case you’re an absolute new to affiliate marketing this segment can be very relevant to you if you are green on the subject. In case you already understand about the fundamentals, this can be more of a refresher on belongings you likely know already.


Week 2 – Success Skills

Here are the modules in week 2:

  • The entrepreneur attitude
  • How to analyze your niche
  • How to pick your offer
  • A way to pick out your ad network
  • Learning niches online
  • The way to network successfully
  • Knowledge intent

When John talks about studying your niche he refers to locating the ones that are a hit already and reverse engineer everything that they do.

Week 3 – Marketing Skills

This phase teaches you to become a real marketer by understanding what it is that people are searching out, psychology at the back of successful commercials and so on. You’ll learn:

  • How to write correct copy
  • Advanced copywriting techniques with Ronnie Sandlin – john’s 17 steps copywriting formula
  • How to optimize ads
  • Advanced optimization techniques

Week 4 – FB & Google Ads

You possibly have visible John Crestani on both FB ads or youtube and will very well be the reason why you’re here now. Here’s what’s included in week 4:

  • Fb ads
  • Fb ad compliance
  • Important metrics in advertising
  • Part 1 & part 2 of Google Adwords
  • Our guest Brian Pfeiffer a super affiliate will be teaching  Fb ads

Week 5 – Youtube & Native ads

Week 5 is about exceptional ad networks that you may join with. John will train you the way to drive traffic on your offers using these paid traffic methods. A way to setup MGID native ads

  • How to setup Outbrain native advertisements
  • How to setup volume DSP native advertisements
  • How to setup youtube ads
  • Guest coach Tim burd on FB ads

Week 6 – Scaling and Outsourcing

In week 6 you will learn such things as how to use surveys inside funnels, capturing leads via surveys seems to be quite powerful so that you will discover ways to do this. There are different ways to generate leads which you’ll be taught in the phase. Here’s what’s included and what you will learn:

  • How to use survey funnels
  • $240k solar case study
  • Scaling campaigns from $1k – $20k
  • How to make use of media buyers

There are a few extras within the course however I simply wanted to check the primary modules that are the beef of the course anyway.

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What I really like about the excellent affiliate system 

In case you are only acquainted with paid advertising on Google and FB, then you’ll be glad to know that you’ll be taught a few different strategies. When you go through the course you’ll have an excellent understanding of how paid advertising for affiliate marketing works and should have a far better achievement rate than before.

The course is focused closer to beginners and intermediates. Experts will likely know some of these things however for sure they’ll benefit more knowledge with this course to help them scale even larger.

The modules may also appear complicated to a few as I’m very sure many of you don’t know what MGID native ads are – however, it gets broken down for you and is straightforward to understand.

In case you are searching out short results, you’ll get that with paid marketing. There’s nothing like it. This is an excellent course for those simply inquisitive about seeing fast outcomes and have the budget to run ads.

Pros & Cons for Super Affiliate System 3.0

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