3 Types Profitable Niche Ideas For Affiliate Marketing

In my opinion there mainly 3 different “niche types” that are profitable for affiliate marketing.

Here are those 3 different “niche types”:

Niche Category #1: Health, Wealth and Romance

Niche Category #2: Hobby and Leisure Activities

Niche Category #3:High Paying Affiliate Products and Services.


Profitable Affiliate Niche Category # 1: Health, Wealth and Romance 

These markets are evergreen and successful.

The health and wellness market includes specific niches such as diet plans and weight loss, embarrassing problems, stopped smoking cigarettes, and medical issues to name a few.

The Paleo Diet is one of the first particular niches that I like.

Wellness Niches.

3 profitable niche ideas for affiliate marketing


The niches in health never decrease as people are constantly trying to find the next best thing for fat loss, health and wellness renovation, and also far more.

Here are some even more examples …

-Increasing testosterone.

-Joint discomfort

-Diabetic recipes


-Cellulite removal.

-Loss of hair.

-Sleep problems.

-Healthy and balanced Gut.

-Rage Management.


-Childhood Obesity.

-Mole Removal.


-Weight management for Women.



-Quit Smoking.



-Food Allergy.

-Healthy Cooking.

-Ringing in the ears.

Factors To Get Involved In Health Niches.

Products and information can cost a lot of money and some of them can cost thousands and also up (assume treadmills as well as equipments).

This is a market that has lots of niches with enthusiastic individuals who put health and wellness first so you can anticipate big spenders.

Lots of wellness specific niches are ongoing, to ensure that indicates repeat acquisitions are going to be made.

Wealth Niches 

3 profitable niche ideas for affiliate marketing

These niches cover internet marketing, Forex, betting, lotto game, jobs as well as employment, multi-level marketing, and other similar.

Then the gambling sector is worth over $35.5 billion US bucks according to StatisticsBrain.

And also the Forex industry trades over $5.1 trillion per day according to Wiki.

Are you starting to see how profitable several of these can be?

Here are more niche ideas in this niche:

Amazon FBA.

Exactly how to make money blogging for newbies.

Online Jobs.

Application Development.

Solar energy.

3d Printing.

Factors To Get Involved In Wealth Niches (And Other Exclusive Niches).

Many wealth niches need people to spend money and products/information can vary anywhere from a couple of bucks to hundreds and also hundreds of dollars.

People are constantly searching for means to make money so they will not stop looking, which implies continuous success for you as an online marketer.

A number of the riches specific niches are costly as well as need recurring acquisitions as people can be stressed with getting the most up to date and also full info.

Romance Dating Niches.

3 profitable niche ideas for affiliate marketing

Romance undoubtedly describes online dating, bring in participants of the opposite sex, pick up, finding a husband/wife, obtaining your ex-lover back, and much more.

StasticsBrain reports that 49,250,00 people in the USA alone have tried on the internet dating, revealing the big demand.

Marriage Counselling costs up to $200 an hour usually according to SelfGrowth, which shows just exactly how financially rewarding it is.

Dating is evergreen and is of interest to picking a group and also promoting them is all that’s left for you to do.


Profitable Affiliate Niche Category # 2: Hobby and Leisure Activities.

3 profitable niche ideas for affiliate marketing

Leisure activities and also tasks are likewise very lucrative if you target the ones where the clients have a great deal of cash to invest in their interest.

Hobbies, sporting activities, travel, and also various other tasks suit this group completely.

Think of costly activities like golf, sailing, angling, traveling, hunting.

And costly holidays and also travel like cruises, safaris, around the globe journey.

Some fascinating data for you: Forbes.com report the Golf industry alone is worth $70 billion.

And $22.9+ billion a year is invested in hunting according to Hunting service marketing.

People are for life buying brand-new tools, devices, and equipment for their passions.

They need devices, they are willing to pay for training as well as guides or things that assure to make them also much better at their activity of choice.

They will spend, invest if it makes them feel great and also happy.

Limitless sub-niches to be discovered as well as no scarcity of both digital as well as physical items offered to advertise as an affiliate.

This is why leisure activities as well as activities are wildly lucrative.

Do you see the potential for you to obtain included?

It could amaze you but the Woodworking particular niche is VERY successful.

It may stun you but the Woodworking particular niche is VERY lucrative.

Examples Of Popular Hobby Niches:



-Bow Hunting.

-Weapon Safety.


-Yoga exercise.

-Urban Farming.

-RC Planes



-Feline Care.

-Discover Chinese.

-Apple iPhone


-Learn to Rap.

-Beard Care.

-Pet Food.

-Card Tricks.

-Bow Hunting.






-Home Coffee Roasting.


Profitable Affiliate Niche Category # 3: High Paying Affiliate Products and Services 

3 Profitable Niche Ideas for affiliate marketing

This consists of cash advance (and also most other kinds of) fundings, exclusive jet charter, private yacht service, on-line gambling enterprises, high-end products such as watches, bags, and jewelry, travel, house layout blueprints, and an almost endless list of various other unique niches.

Individuals don’t make breakout decisions when spending thousands so if they get something they normally prepare to see the acquisition with.

People who get premium items do not have money problems so they’ve no worry about spending their cash money on luxuries.

These are recession-proof particular niches.

Take into consideration watches as well as fashion jewelry …

There more than 1.2 billion watches offered yearly according to StasticBrain.

If you could sell to simply 0.1% of that target market, how would certainly that be?

Or payday advance loans …

The payday loan particular niche is reported to be worth over 2.2 billion.

With items like payday advance loans, there’s no shortage of people requiring cash, and also those that borrow when are most likely to do so again.

Are you seeing the capacity here to help them and also generate income on your own?

The betting market deserves over $35.5 billion US bucks according to StatisticsBrain.

Gamblers hardly ever gave up so they’ll be back time and time again to search out the brand-new ‘fortunate’ casino site as well as get that brand-new benefit.

And with lots of gambling establishments paying affiliates a percentage of a player’s lifetime losses, you can earn money month after month.

With the home-style blueprints, you’re targeting a luxury particular niche as just the seriously a lot of money can pay for to build a customized residence from the ground up.

I really hope this short report can help you to choose a perfect niche for you.