Microsoft CRM Email Marketing.

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For professionals and small companies who are looking for quick and smart solutions that help with the marketing of their services, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Marketing is a great solution. It nurtures leads, engages customers, and offers customized messages at each state so assisting you to change and improve the efficacy of your marketing approaches.

From changing the visitors into customers to lining up marketing and sales combined with one foundation of shared info, the Microsoft CRM project management tool for marketing allows you to perform everything.

It is smart marketing automating software that enables you to schedule, implement, and examine your marketing movements along with creating brand awareness and driving new business growth prospects, and ensure that you get the best out of the marketing investments of your business.

Dynamics 365 CRM features for Marketing

microsoft crm email marketing

It comes with many useful features that enable both data-driven and creative aspects of smart marketing strategy.

Customer journey creation

You have to create a customer journey before starting to make campaigns and generate leads. Planning a customer journey provides you with a clear idea about the way customers will discover your brand, to learn more about the services or products you offer, evaluate their choices, and converting into a customer. With Microsoft Dynamic 365 CRM marketing, the journey of the customer is not just an imaginary idea but a customizable and workable model.

microsoft crm email marketing

The tool comes with a drag-and-drop builder for the customer journey that can be used to make infinite various workflows, allotted to precise segments of associates. Every level in the customer journey can be programmed to implement a step for instance sending an email either by planning or activated by a specific customer act.

Such pathways can be divided into various activities, based on the response of the customer, for instance, the consumer who involves in email messaging will get a different response in the future as compared to the customer who didn’t.

Multichannel campaigns

microsoft crm email marketing

Such campaigns can be introduced through multiple channels with existing design and template tools to assist you to get a professionally branded email quickly, dynamic landing pages, and lead capture forms, with an emphasis on boosting conversions. Moreover, there are opportunities to generate text/SMS messaging as well as social media campaigns. To have better control over social media marketing, the tool incorporates Microsoft Social Engagement, which is packed with any of the CRM apps set.

Lead management

microsoft crm email marketing

The main purpose of all marketing strategies is to give rise to leads and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Marketing has spontaneous lead management features to assist track, score and nurture leads efficiently.

The tool makes use of an automated, intelligent lead scoring structure to get leads at each level of the customer passage depending on the preset rules, like website visits, event registration, and email marketing engagement so organizations can rate the leads depending on standards that shows what is most important for them.

Then, the scoring structure allocates levels to the leads proclaiming their sales-readiness, supporting sellers to concentrate on the most vital areas. Tailored lead panels help vendors get an overlook of lead quality depending on different parameters such as interactions, pipeline progression, and lead age.

Event management

microsoft crm email marketing

Event management is a feature of Microsoft Dynamic 365 CRM marketing that makes it stand out. Latest marketing involves providing value to both current and potential customers. In case your brand opts for hosting events like seminars or conferences to do so, Marketing CRM has inbuilt features to offer you.

The event management feature of the software provides the wide-ranging capability for event planning like speaker and venue management, scheduling, tracking attendance, and registrations.

Moreover, there is a portal management arrangement that can be used by companies to make an event portal for participants to handle their registrations, attendances, profiles, and receive all the updates they require regarding event timetables and speakers.

Marketing insights

microsoft crm email marketing

Investigating the campaign’s success is a basic component of improving marketing approaches and growing insight. Microsoft dynamic CRM marketing comes with wonderful analytical tools to gather and inspect data, as well as provide actionable insights.


These are other great ways to get leads via content marketing and Microsoft Dynamic 365 CRM marketing that enables you to manage, arrange and send webinars by incorporating third-party platforms.

Creating a fast email campaign with Microsoft CRM

A fast email campaign helps send a single campaign to various accounts in a system or a series of contacts. This campaign may be an email, letter, fax, appointment, or phone call. Within the Microsoft CRM, fast campaigns are generated from ‘Marketing Lists’. Therefore, to get to the Marketing Lists, you need to click on the ‘Marketing’ tab and then click Marketing Lists and choose the one you need.

When you highlight the marketing list of your choice, you have to click on the icon named “Create Quick Campaign” on the screen’s top that will lead you to “Create Quick Campaign wizard”. To make a campaign, name it and click the next button. Also, specify the activity type i.e. email. Then allocate who you want these activities to relate to and who will be the sender, it could be you or any member of the team. When specified, click next.

Now add the text and subject of the mail and start building your email. Instead of doing it all by yourself, you can use any of the templates provided. If don’t want to use available templates, you can create your own as per your requirements. When you are done creating your email, simply click the next button and click on create option. It will create a quick campaign for you.

To check the success of your campaign, go to the Quick Campaigns on the Marketing Tab and there will be your quick campaign.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Marketing has a lot of tools and comprehensive customer journey tracking, which makes it powerful and complex as compared to other beginner-level cloud marketing tools. With this new tool, creating email marketing campaigns will be quick and simple.

I really hope this short article can give you some light about this useful CRM Email Marketing tool.