As an affiliate marketer on Facebook, you just can not afford to ignore the world’s biggest social networks channel. Whether you are promoting web hosting or selling running shoes there’s an audience for almost all types of products or services on Facebook.

Let’s do it with Facebook for Affiliate Marketing!

When using Facebook for affiliate marketing, the first thing to do is to develop your own Fan page. This is very important!

From the drop-down menu on the right, pick ‘Advertising on Facebook’. From the ‘Pages’ tab, click the ‘Create a Page’ button.

You will then need to enter a couple of relevant details and you will be good to go!

A Facebook page enables you to create a genuine presence. You will get page likes, comments, and engagement.

As an affiliate online marketer, an excellent method would be to choose a theme or topic that you are enthusiastic about and promote pertinent items. If you are a health food fan, a good idea would be to promote products and services related to this subject.

Improving SEO for Your Facebook Page

Although SEO is a term typically linked to Google, you will have to take steps to enhance it when utilizing Facebook for affiliate marketing. Here are a few of them:

When the number of your Facebook ‘Likes’ reaches 25, you can declare the URL for your Facebook page. This URL is a reduced, more readable version of the original URL. It is also easy for the search engine to recognize your brand name. Here’s an example:
Initial URL:

New URL:

This is mine:

Getting backlinking is also an important part of SEO. Continue working to get links from popular, well-respected pages.
When writing status updates, make certain you are using relevant keywords. Google chooses the keyword in the very first couple of words. You can likewise include a link to your affiliate website in the post.

Getting Organic Likes


When it concerns leveraging Facebook for affiliate marketing, getting that blue thumbs-up is very crucial. Purchasing ‘Likes’ and increasing that number to impress people would not do the technique.

You as an affiliate marketer will need to be natural in your method. This suggests that your page likes must not just be a number, it needs to be something more significant. You desire individuals, genuine individuals, to like your page. They should like your content and want to share it with their fans and friends.

To start with, send out an e-mail to your list (if you have one) letting them understand that you have actually developed a Facebook page. In the call-to-action, inform them if they desire more updates from you, they would have to ‘like’ your page.

Actively Engaging with Fans

Simply getting likes is inadequate, you likewise need to engage with your fans regularly. Post too much and your audience will be frustrated by you. Post insufficient and there’s a high chance you will be forgotten on the busy Facebook. You require to find simply the ideal balance.

Usually, one to 4 posts a week works fine, depending upon how content-heavy they are. If you are publishing entertainment related posts, you will need to keep the frequency high. On the other hand, share heavy content like videos or short articles at least once a week.

User attention spans are at an all-time low. This means that you should concentrate on visuals. According to an infographic by Neil Patel, images get 53 percent more likes, 104 percent more remarks, and 84 percent more click-throughs.

When we are talking about Facebook for affiliate marketing, a ratio of 80-20 works best. This suggests that 80 percent of your posts ought to be instructional or entertaining, whereas, 20 percent of them can be targeted promotions.

You can likewise develop tests and games. People love them! The idea is to build rapport with your audience and then provide worth through your services or items.

Promoting Through Facebook Groups

From SEO to tennis, there is a Facebook group for essentially everything. Individuals are passionate about stuff. They want to find like-minded people and discuss their interests with them.

Find a group that matters in your specific niche and contribute to it. There’s a caveat here. You can’t simply promote your links to these groups. You will be ousted as spam if you do that.

Winning on Facebook group needs time and persistence. You need to promote as organically as possible using social media best practices. Here are a couple of quick ideas to bear in mind when publishing on Facebook groups:

Aim to involve in interesting conversations.
Never publish the same thing on numerous groups at the same time.
Do not tell individuals to ‘inbox’ you. Post it if you have a valuable recommendation for them.
Leveraging Influencers.
Social listening is keeping an eye on the digital conversations happening on the internet to understand what your audience is discussing. It allows you to understand your audience’s discomfort points and act accordingly.

Social listening is also a terrific way to find social influencers in your niche. Influencers are impactful characters who individuals turn to for recommendations. They have a multitude of fans and many likes, shares and discuss their posts.

The best method to find influencers would be through WordPress groups. All you need to do is type ‘WordPress Groups’ in the search bar and you will have a list of top groups.

Usually, influencers in the field are either moderators in these groups or the ones with the greatest number of engagements.

It helps if they have actually liked your page. Like their page.

Once you have actually built rapport, it’s time to strike them on Facebook messenger. You might have to contact a couple of influencers prior to you find the right ones for your niche.

Employing Facebook Advertisements


Facebook ads must be a crucial part of your method when utilizing Facebook for affiliate marketing. According to a study by eMarketer, 96 percent of social networks marketers think about Facebook advertisements as the most efficient paid marketing channel on the social media network.

And why would not it be? Billions of individuals see Facebook advertisements each month.

Unlike YouTube that interrupts user experience by revealing advertisements in the middle of the video, Facebook integrates advertisements smooth in users’ News Feeds. They are shown ads appropriate to their interest while they enjoy their good friend’s cute child’s first smile.

Go to ‘Advertising on Facebook’ and click ‘Create an Advertisement’. Facebook Advertisements Manager will appear.

Depending upon what you wish to attain from the ad, select an objective from Conversion, Engagement or Awareness. If you want to increase your page likes, Engagement should be your option. On the other hand, if your objective is to direct individuals to your Capture page for gathering opt-in e-mail addresses, Conversion would be a more suitable option.

Facebook will then ask you questions regarding Audience, Placements and Budget Plan and Arrange. Responding to these questions will help you tailor your advertisements.

Lastly, you will have to add creatives to your ads. This will include your advertisement copy and images. Make sure that your copy resonates with the audience and use just top quality images.

To start with, you can invest $10 to $30 and target one city. Depending upon the results, you can then broaden your campaigns.

One thing to keep in mind here is that Facebook Ads ought to complement your other affiliate marketing efforts on Facebook. You ought to keep working on producing natural engagements by producing and promoting premium material.

3 Important Tips From Experts on Utilizing Facebook for Affiliate Marketing

These are 3 experts with real experience of success utilizing Facebook for affiliate marketing. I think their insights will be rather useful.

Nate Materson, CMO at Maple Holistics
On Facebook Advertisements:

” If you desire an effective way of driving campaigns and promos, it’s worth investing money on Facebook Advertisements. Even if you do not generate income from it immediately, it supplies terrific insight on how to market on the platform. Utilize it as a method to gather data and draw conclusions on your client base”.

Hung Nguyen, Marketing and Consumer Satisfaction Supervisor at Smallpdf
Having a Dedicated Affiliate Landing Page:

” Have your affiliate landing page all set. Be succinct and clear as to what the benefits for affiliate partners are. For SaaS particularly, if you can use a free or test account for affiliate partners to play around with your product. Your affiliate partners are individuals at the end of the day. You ‘d want them not just to be driven to promote your item in monetary ways however also because they like and value the product. By doing this, they would enjoy promoting your item gradually”.

Deborah Sweeney, CEO at MyCorporation
On Structure Relationships:

” Small companies typically do not have a substantial marketing budget. We have actually discovered that structure partnerships, affiliate relationships, and cross-referrals can be among the very best methods to grow a company. Facebook and Twitter have excellent marketing advantages, however, more than that, to even be considered appropriate, you need to get your service a Facebook and/or Twitter account. A website is where your clients go to discover what they need to know about your organization, and social networks are where clients go to discover who you are as an organization; what your voice sounds like”.

To Summarize

Facebook is the leading social media platform for affiliate online marketers. From joining groups in your niche to leveraging Facebook advertisements, there are lots of methods affiliate online marketers can use Facebook to their advantage.

Bear in mind that affiliate marketing on Facebook ought to complement your marketing on other channels. The world’s largest social networks platform will give you that edge. It will require time and patience, however, if you persist you will see the results for yourself.

Let us know if you found this article useful. When using Facebook for affiliate marketing, we would like to hear your struggles or success stories!