Free leads for affiliate marketing

To ensure the success of your affiliate business, you have many ways but one of the most useful ways is getting new leads. If you don’t get new customers, you will be restricted to repeat customers. Overall it can lead to fewer sales particularly in case you sell a one-time product.

You can bring new views to your site with lead generation. It means you can continue to increase your reach. Consequently, you will probably see a boost in conversion rate and hence affiliate sales.

Here are 4 ways that you can use to generate free leads for affiliate marketing.

Writing guest posts

free leads for affiliate marketing

A guest post comprises a written content that one publishes on a site other than their own. It is a perfect way to bring new viewers to your site. By getting new audiences related to your niche, you can get new traffic to your site. Moreover, guest posts also include backlinks to your site that can help increase its SERP (search engine results page) ranking.

You need to remember some guidelines when you are looking for guest posting prospects and writing your content. For instance:

  • Choose the blogs with engaged audiences for guest posting. Blogs with social media pages and active comments part will enhance your reach.
  • Add a link to your landing page in the guest post. Directing leads straight away to your landing page can boost conversions.

Create and optimize social media campaigns

free leads for affiliate marketing

Even if you many followers, it is essential to create social media pages to promote your products and brands. Use social media drives to reach out the more audiences while targeting topics and keywords. Although the process of establishing a campaign looks difficult, it is easy when you divide the process into small steps.

You can follow these steps to get started:

  • Choose the right platform like Instagram is great for posts containing images, while Twitter and Facebook are good for posting written content.
  • Generate shareable content. Create trending content that is valuable and easy to share on various social media sites to get your targeted audiences to interact.
  • Above all, be mindful that you must use social media campaigns to connect your targeted audiences. It enables you to interact with your audiences directly and is one of the most useful methods to attract new viewers.

Provide valuable content

free leads for affiliate marketing

The best way to generate leads for affiliate marketing is through offering valuable content to prospective customers. You can attract potential clients by providing useful content through social media channels including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. These are the organic ways to promote your services or products and attract leads. You can begin with making a YouTube channel.

Video is certainly the most famous type of content and people love watching videos. So, when you have decided your niche and chosen the product, you can create useful content that is related to both the niche and product of your choice.

Provide your affiliates with ‘new customer extras’

free leads for affiliate marketing

If you have affiliates for your products, then you can make some changes in your commission setup, you can give bonuses to your affiliates when they get new leads or customers. As your affiliates can generate more leads you can encourage them with new customer bonuses. Such bonuses can be payouts intended to motivate affiliates to attract more leads and customers to the website.

You can simply use the commission tiers with Affiliate Royale WordPress Plugin. When you installed the plug-in, launch Affiliate Royale and go to options and then commission where you can change the commission type and add levels. It allows you to manage the commission to be paid to affiliates and can be used to provide extras and bonuses when appropriate.