Best Social Media Marketing Tools For Business.

In this article, I going to show you 3 tools that I’ve been using to have great success on social media, Twitter in particular.

Now if you’re just getting started out with social media and you are feeling maybe a little confusing or like, most people, just completely overwhelmed, thinking I don’t know where start with social media because it’s too overwhelming, then, this article is for you.

I will show you a very simple social media marketing strategy that you can put together over the next seven days and get rid of all the overwhelming social media tasks.

The first thing with social media is it can be really overwhelming because you feel like, I always have to be on Facebook, I always have to be on Twitter.

Buffer App

Buffer App

One tool that will really help you out is called Buffer App.

What buffer App does is buffering your posts. Let’s think of Twitter for a second, you don’t want to go into Twitter and find a bunch of links to tweet out and have them all go out in the first five minutes and then nobody sees anything from you for the next 20 hours.

Buffer lets you put links and different pieces of content and put them into Buffer and it schedules them out, so I got my Buffer set to go off four times a day and buffer leave and tell you when all your people on Twitter are online and it’ll find the best times to put these posts out .

I want you to look for their Google Chrome extension.

It’s really cool, you can go around to popular posts like on Social Media Examiner.

Just find popular web pages and you just click the Buffer button and it builds you a nice tweet and it schedules it and it sends it out on Twitter.

I took popular posts on my blog, also I took popular stuff I found on social media.

I found things on Twitter that people are already retweeting and I just clicked the Buffer button and it filled up my Twitter.

Every couple hours these posts are gonna be going off, people are gonna retweet, they’re gonna share, they’re gonna click, they’re gonna come back to my site and I’m not even gonna look at it after 2 or 3 days.

After that, I’ll spend another 10 minutes, I’ll fill up Buffer app with more content that it’ll probably go well for 2 or 3 days more and I just rinse and repeat.

They got a $10 version but I’m not even using the $10 version. I’ve been using their free version forever.Works great, I highly recommend that tool so Buffer App is the first one.



The second tool is called HootSuite.

I love HootSuite too, you can reply to people, you can put people like influencers on special lists and follow them.

HootSuite will schedule your reply, so they go out every couple hours. You’re not blowing up people’s feeds.

HootSuite it’s another free app.

Another thing HootSuite will do is, it’ll let you monitor multiple social media accounts so you can see all your Facebook, your Google+, your Twitter and your LinkedIn account in one place.

That’s why you need to be using it. It does other things too like, if you have a social media team, you can link your whole team together to cover clients accounts.

It does a ton of stuff.They have a paid program but I’m just using the free one.

I use it to follow people on Twitter and Facebook, and they have one spot where I could do all my replying.

I’m in there for five or ten minutes and then I don’t open it for the rest of the day.

I use to save a ton of time so I’m not spending my entire day doing social media stuff.

Manage Flitter

Manage Flitter

The third tool is probably the most powerful one, is called Manage Flitter.

I use it for manages who to follow on Twitter and who to unfollow.

Manage Flitter is a tool for following people, so right now, to give you an example I have Manage Flitter set to follow everyone that follows Kim Garst, she’s popular on periscope and she does a lot of stuff on Twitter.

She also has 400,000 followers, so I have Managed Flitter set up as if you follow Kim Garst on Twitter I will follow you automatically.

I have a couple other parameters but it automatically follows people and then anyone who follows me it’ll automatically follow them back.

Now, if the counts go dormant, or if people are not on Twitter anymore,  it’ll automatically unfollow people.

They don’t like automated tools to do this but Manage Flitter is the only one I found that Twitter allows to do this kind of thing.

That’s why you have to use them. Manage Flitter, that’s my third one. So those three tools are the ones I’ve been using mostly with Twitter but also with Facebook – and a little bit of Google+ to really get in and start automating your social media.

Save Time

You’re not spending a ton of time on social media. You should be spending five maybe or ten minutes a day top, on social media.

Once you get used to them, they will save time for sure.

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