Digital Marketing Sales Funnel Revealed

How To Create a Sales Funnel System.

In this short article, I am going to show you how to set up a simple system that collects email addresses of interested consumers and then markets to them automatically for a consistent flow of cash.
Once you learn how to set up your sales funnel you will be able to control the flow of income your business receives just like turning on your kitchen faucet.

A good funnel can be set up in as little as a few hours, in almost any niche, so stop wondering if it will work for your business and start focusing on how you can set one up. I guarantee it doesn’t take any special skills, you don’t need your own products, you don’t even have to use your own content. That is the beauty of it!

You just need to set up the funnel and put it to work. Sounds simple enough right? Yet many business owners/marketers donít do it. Why? Maybe because they think it isn’t necessary, not important, it is too confusing or simply because they don’t know how.

Whatever the reason you haven’t set you your first funnel yet, this article will show you how and you’ll quickly discover that you have everything you need to get started right away. So let’s get busy!

It’s important to understand that a good funnel system will build solid relationships with your subscribers so that they will actually open and read your emails. And best of all, it will allow you to make money on demand, simply by sending out an email.

There are two types of funnel systems you can build; lead driven and sales driven.

A lead driven system adds consumers into your funnel and starts them on the road to making a purchase. This happens when they enter their email address to subscribe to your newsletter, receive information or collect a free offer from you.

A sales driven system is made up of buyers. These are people who have actually bought something from you, and you then collected their email addresses so you could follow up with them after the sale.

In this article, we’re going to concentrate mostly on the lead driven system, because you don’t need to have your own products. You can promote affiliate products and let someone else do the hard work like setting up sales pages, delivering products and customer service.

Eventually, you might want to add your own line of products, but for immediate results, it’s much faster and easier to let other people handle the product creation while you focus your efforts on getting leads into your funnel.

Now you may be wondering, why not just send traffic straight to the affiliate offer? Why do I need a funnel system? The answer is that with your own sales system, you get to keep the leads and follow up with them with other products and offers.

If you’re simply sending traffic through an affiliate link using free or paid advertising, sure you may make some quick commissions, but you’re losing the opportunity to follow up with your visitors which means they’re pretty much lost to you forever.

So here’s what I’m going to do.

Today, I will be handing full access to my ebook: Digital Marketing Sales Funnel Revealed, which contain the Sales Funnel System that I use on my business. If Marketing Sales Funnel is your thing, or you think it might be then this is the only training you’ll ever need.

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