7 Best WordPress Plugins For SEO In 2020

There are thousands of WordPress SEO plugins, sorting the best SEO plugins for you might be overwhelming so here I gathered a list of 7 Best WordPress Plugins for SEO in 2020. 


As I earlier told that there are many plugins out there in the market but in reality, you need some of them only. You install every single plugin for each small task and that’s really a bad thing as it increases the site’s loading time. 


So here I have compiled a list of best 7 WordPress plugins of 2020 which can do the task of more than 50 WordPress plugins.


Firstly, I would like to say that SEO has many categories like on Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and Technical SEO. 


These WordPress SEO plugins will cover the On-page and Technical SEO part and so you will only need to focus on link building.


So, here is a list of top 7 WordPress plugins that will help you to make Google and your visitors happy and satisfied with your website.

#1 Rankmath



Rank Math is an all-in-one SEO WP plugin. There are many all in one WordPress plugins but according to me, Rankmath is the best in this field. You might have heard of Yoast SEO or All in one SEO, but in my opinion, a newer plugin called Rank Math beats both of them.


Rank Math can help you do most of the On-page SEO and some Technical SEO tasks. The best thing about this plugin is that it is integrated with many features that perform specific tasks.


When you are writing an article on WordPress you will see if we scroll down below the post, you’ll see a little box displaying a preview of how your article will look like in Google results.

a preview of what the page will look like


One more cool feature of Rankmath is that you can add Rich Snippets easily (You don’t need any other plugin to add rich snippets).


When you are writing a post, you will see a button labeled as ‘Rich Snippets’ and then you can select what kind of article you are writing.


Like if you are writing a review, then you can select a review. And then you will successfully add a rich snippet.


It is far better than spending your time creating J-Son code.


Also, by using this plugin you can easily add the rel=”nofollow” tag for the affiliate links and other non-trusty sites. 


Without this plugin, you would have to install another plugin to perform this task or change the HTML code of the link.


This is the best way to easily add Nofollow links. Just click on a small checkbox written near No-follow, and you’re done.


  • Also, Rank Math has some basic features like:-
  • Generating sitemaps
  • Adding the target=” blank” attribute to all the links, this opens the link in a new window (This reduces Bounceback rate)
  • Monitor Error 404
  • Creating and Editing Robots.txt file
  • Redirects

#2 Semrush Seo Writing Assistant


seo writing assistan


If the quality of the content is not good, then your site is never going to rank and so, here is one of the best WordPress plugins that will assist you while writing. 


Semrush SEO writing assistant is an amazing WordPress plugin that helps us to write quality content. It provides some suggestions for content optimization from the top 10 google results.


The main benefits of this plugin are listed below:-

  • It gives you an overall score of your article
  • Give some suggestions related to the targeted keyword
  • It gives you a readability score
  • It will check the plagiarism of the article so you don’t need to install an extra plugin for that.
  • It will check and tell whether you are linking to a correct page or an error 404 page.


You can also install the Grammarly Chrome extension to quickly check the grammar and correct your spellings.


The above two plugins are all about your On-page SEO and they are going to help you do that work and will help you a little bit in Technical SEO.


But, technical SEO is a must for any website so the next three plugins are based on your technical SEO only which will help you to boost your website speed.


As a website loading time is not good, then your website is not going to rank higher as even Google says that they prefer fast loading websites and so they created Google Page Insight to check the speed of your website.


You can check your loading time on that tool.

#3 A3 Lazy Load

a3 lazy load

A3 Lazy Load WP plugin adds a sluggish burden to pictures and other media like recordings. This means the image or media on your website will not load until and unless the user scrolls down. 


This can reduce the loading time of your website by a lot of difference.  It’s truly fitting and-play as long as you don’t have some other clashing contents of modules. 


It reduces the page size and so your site can even load faster by a second or sometimes more.


#4 ShortPixel. 

short pixel


Short Pixel plugin reduces the size of any image or video. The lower is the size of a file, the faster it will load. 


It is a very important plugin as if you are uploading an image of size 1 MB, then it will compress that image and make it of 300 Kb only without losing that much quality. 


There are three modes of compressing an image:-

  1. Lossy:- Highest Compression
  2. Glossy:-  Mid Compression (Suggested)
  3. Lossless:- Highest Quality but Lowest compression

#5 W3 Total Cache

w3 Total Cache

So, the above two plugins will handle the media files of your website, and now it is time to manage the cache. 


W3 Total Cache is used for optimizing any website.


W3 Total Cache is one of the best plugins on WordPress to compress the caches in your theme. It basically compresses the HTML file, CSS file, Javascript file, and it uses CDN and Browses Caches.

#6 Easy Table of Content

Easy Table of Content is one of the best plugins as now you don’t need to add HTML codes to create a table of content. It will automatically do that for you.


Just click on a little checkbox labeled as Table of Content, and you’re done. A table of content will be added to your article based on the headings and subheadings.


This helps in user experience as if your article is long, then this article will help the user to navigate all-around your article. It will also increase some things like time spent on a page and your bounce-back rate.

#7 Internal Link Juicer

Internal Link Juicer is the best plugin to automatically add internal links to all your articles. 


The best thing about this is that it will automatically create a list in which it’ll add the title of your article and the link to that article at the end of your post, Also the articles are not interlinked randomly, it is based on the keywords used in your current article. 


Internal linking is important as it reduces the bounce-back rate, and this is one of the top-ranking factors.

Quick Tip

These were the 7 best WordPress plugins for SEO, your quick tip is to not install too many WordPress plugins because it increases the loading time of your site and makes your site heavier. So, don’t use any other plugin for SEO expect the ones I have told in this article.