13 Top Affiliate Marketing Tools Every Smart Marketer Needs

I’ve got the ultimate toolkit for affiliate marketers that will help you amplify your sales and skyrocket commissions. These awesome programs are called ” Affiliate Marketing Tools,” which can be used by anyone who wants a piece of this $7 billion dollar industry.

With these tools, it’s easy to create content or promote products from anywhere at any time without having an expensive website set up, plus there’s no need to pay designers.

The best affiliate marketing tools are out there! You can find them on the web and they’re all at your fingertips. Some of these software programs offer a freemium business model, which means you get started for free but need to pay if and when it’s time; others never require payment.

Anyway, we’ve made some great discoveries in our research. Let’s get started with the ultimate toolkit for affiliate marketing now.

1. Bitly

Affiliate Marketing Tools

Bitly is a social media marketing tool that allows you to personalize, share and track your content links. Bitly also captures data on every click for insights into what people are interested in far better than any other platform out there.

The idea behind this service is to offer a good shortener for URLs, which can be shared via social media or any other means that you desire. The biggest advantage of the product over Twitter’s limit on letters-per-identifier (120).

2. ShareThrough Headline Analyzer

Affiliate Marketing Tools

The Headline Analyzer from Sharethrough is a tool that can help you create the perfect headline. It will analyze your text and give suggestions as well as statistics to back up its claim of being able to generate 10x more leads than traditional methods.

Include benefits in titles, mix positive words with negative ones for variety- just to make sure they’re relevant.

Sharethrough Headline Analyzer helps you analyze the engagement level of your headlines and lets you know what kind of content is going to have a higher chance of being liked. It offers suggestions like increasing headline length, using positive sentiment words or phrases in them (e g., “you’ll”), and even suggesting ways to alter certain parts for better storytelling skills.

ShareThrough lets users see an assessment based on principles from Behavior Model Theory which analyzes all aspects related to Facebook posting behavior patterns across genders.

3. Facebook Ad Library – Ad Spy Tool

Affiliate Marketing Tools

 Facebook’s Ad Library is all you need to optimize your ad strategy. It has an easy-to-learn interface and provides valuable insights on what others are doing in the niche, so it’ll be easier for you to get inspired with their successful strategies.

The top features of this helpful tool include viewing/searching through any advertisement; using keywords (related specifically) that help narrow down results by location or spendings ratio.

Benefit from information based on metrics like audience size & more.

4. Hemingway App- Your Content Reader-Friendly

Affiliate Marketing Tools

 It is a tool for writing, editing, and analyzing content. You don’t need to be a writer in order to use the app. Affiliate marketers do everything from creating visuals or graphics-driven marketing pieces all of which require some formality when it comes down to your words on paper (or screen).

Hemingways editor has a variety of color-coding systems that can help you identify what needs improvement without any hassle at all.

Affiliate Marketing Tools

  • Blue highlights adverbs/qualifiers
  • Gree refers to passive voice
  • Purple means complex words
  • Yellow means complex sentences
  • Red is for very difficult to read sentences


Affiliate Marketing Tools

The best way to get an amazing design is with Canva. This online marketing tool allows you the power of creativity and customization, which will add that extra touch to your content needs.

You can do tons of things like animate text on images; twist different elements around each other for more creative layouts; remove backgrounds from pictures so they stand out better on their own.

Create more ads and visual content than ever! Start for free, upgrade to Canva Pro .

6. Get Response- Automate Your Email Marketing 

Affiliate Marketing Tools

GetResponse is a reliable email marketing service aimed at small to midsize businesses. It’s got an attractive price tag and a good-size list of enticing third-party integrations.

GetResponse has added some enhancements that include web push notifications as well as increased SMS text messaging capabilities that can help you reach customers when they’re on the go

There are also new additions such as integrating your shop into Getresponse so you don’t have multiple platforms cluttering up one inbox or having chats pop open in different windows.

Do you need an email list that reaches and engages with your target audience? GetResponse is trusted by more than 350,000 businesses around the world to send emails. With a proven marketing strategy for connecting directly from anywhere at any time, they have unmatched deliverability.

And now it couldn’t be easier: customizable designs make creating those hard-hitting messages as simple as dragging them onto a page in their fully editable form so there’s no need to worry about resending or doing anything manually again because they take care of all that tedious data tracking work on behalf of YOU.

7. Pixabay-Pexels-UnSplash

It’s no wonder that people love visual content. In fact, platforms like Pinterest and Instagram have been among the most popular social media sites for years because they allow you to easily share beautiful photos with friends or family members from anywhere in just seconds.

If this sounds good then consider adding a few more sources of photo-based information into your day:

  • Pexels is one such platform where users can find high-quality stock images licensed under Creative Commons CC0 which means attribution may not be required
  • Unsplash offers free access to thousands upon thousands great looking photography
  • Pixabay provides extensive collections featuring everything from animals at play all over various landscapes.

8. Funnelytics- Visualize Your Sales Process

Affiliate Marketing Tools

Ever wonder how your marketing efforts stack up against the competition? Funnelytics is a tool that will help you analyze and predict what’s going on in terms of the customer journey, which means better conversion rates for sure.

Go crazy with this analytics app. It can be used by affiliate marketers or companies looking to understand their customers more deeply through data tracking campaigns like Google Ads (and others), it even tells them where there may still be room for improvement, all while making predictions about revenue based on those insights.

9. Constant Contact

Affiliate Marketing Tools

Constant Contact is a one-stop shop for online marketing. It offers everything from eCommerce stores and affiliate commissions to email campaigns, all in an easy-to-use website builder.

The free trial allows you access up to ten pages so that people have plenty of space when they first start out as well as being able to compare features between other platforms before committing yourself.

10. Bluehost

Affiliate Marketing Tools

As an affiliate marketer, you need a hosting solution that will keep your content up and running. For this reason, we recommend Bluehost, they’ve got everything from low-priced plans to ones specifically tailored for bloggers. You can also create websites or sales funnels with them right away; their prices start at just $2.95 per month (with 3 years of web host).

11. Namecheap

Affiliate Marketing Tools

 If you’re in the market for a domain, few names are bigger than Namecheap. The company has been around since 2003 and their low prices make them an easy standout with reliable service too.

The world’s most popular domain registration company is also one of the best hosts. Namecheap offers fast, secure, and affordable hosting that will suit your needs no matter how easy or tough they are.

NameCheap provides both domain names AND web hosting services in an effort to provide you with everything from email accounts all the way up through enterprise-level data storage.

12. WhatRunsWhere

 WhatRunsWhere is one of the best tools I’ve used for affiliate marketers. It lets you see what ads are running on which platforms, and it can be handy when trying to track your competitors or dig deeper into their traffic resources/networks without having to spend hours looking through Google Analytics data yourself.

WhatRunsWhere is a goldmine for affiliate marketers. You can break down the data into:

  • Top brands with affiliate ads
  • Images and texts
  • Most popular ad sizes
  • Fresh Data
  • Top YouTube or Facebook trends.

13. Pretty Links- Link Management WordPress Plugin 

Affiliate Marketing Tools

If you are an affiliate marketer and you are on WordPress, you must use PrettyLinks for sure. It’s the link management plugin that lets you maintain clean links on all of them seamlessly without having to edit every single one.

You can redirect any URL into another with just 1 simple change in the dashboard which saves time when updating old content or adding new articles, saving your time, while maintaining brand image across websites which ties everything together beautifully.


This is the toolkit with all the tools you need to skyrocket your sales and commissions. I have created these affiliate marketing tools for those who are serious about making money.

It contains hosting services like Bluehost, email marketing apps such as Constant Contact or GetResponse, plus some other nifty little things that will make it easier than ever before to create engaging content without having any artistic skill set whatsoever.

Just grab whichever one suits what kind of project at hand best.