In this article, I going to share my 11 passive income ideas for 2018 that you can start today.

Creating passive income takes work, but once you implement those processes, it’s one of the most fruitful income sources that you’ll ever have and it’s also very rewarding.


The first passive income source that you can start with is from investing. Now, I know many of you watching this might think, ” I don’t have a lot of money to get started.” I get it, I was there too.

But, let me tell you, it doesn’t take a lot of money to get started.

Whether it be 50 bucks a month, $100 a month, anything that you can start investing, you can start making gains, start making interest on your investment.

Whether if you’re making capital gains off of your mutual funds, your ETFs or your stocks, or if you have dividends that pay out on a consistent basis, these are all sources of passive income that you can get.

If you’re not sure where to get started investing, there are a ton of online providers nowadays.

There are Robo Advisors such as Betterment, Wealthfront, Acorns, Robinhood, Ally Invest, E-Trade.

If you know nothing about investing and you want somebody to pick those investments for you, that’s why I have to recommend Betterment.

Betterment doesn’t have any money to start and they will choose an ETF model for you.

So, if you’re putting any money in, they’re gonna choose those investments and then you’ll sit back and start making those capital gains in dividends, otherwise passive income.

Now, another form of option that I love when it comes to investing is peer-to-peer lending.

I started doing peer-to-peer lending over six years ago and it has been one of my most favorite investment classes to put your money into.

Now, peer-to-peer lending is just like as if you’re acting as the bank.

Instead of somebody going to the bank and getting a loan, you are giving them a microloan. So, you become the financial institution. And, since these are microloans, you’re only giving up about $100 per loan, sometimes less.

And, I don’t know if you’ve ever taken out a personal loan from a bank, but you know how much interest they charge.

Imagine how you’re sitting on the side of the bank and you’re collecting that interest. The top two peer-to-peer lenders to check out are LendingClub and Prosper.

I have accounts with them both and I really don’t have a preference either which one. Well, I’ll tell you, I’ve been sitting back and earning those interest checks since I’ve started and I love it.

Survey Sites

My second passive income idea is taking advantage of deal sites and/or survey sites.

Sites like Swagbucks, InboxDollars, or MySurvey. Signing up for these sites allow you to do the normal shopping that you do online and make a little bit extra money on the side.

If you’re sitting on your couch watching Netflix, your favorite TV show or some sports game, if you have your laptop handy, you could fill out surveys as you’re wasting time, killing time, and make really good money.

Cash-Back Reward Points

All right, my third passive income idea, and this one’s a little bit outside the box, but hear me out. Taking advantage of cash-back reward points.

Now, I know, I’m sure you’re thinking how is that really passive income? But, check this out.

Before I started using credit cards to pay all of our bills, we used to use debit cards all the time. Because I always subscribed to the idea of like you shouldn’t have credit cards because credit cards are evil.

They’re not that evil. But, when I started talking to others that were truly taking advantage of all the different reward points that you have to offer, I realized that we were missing out on a ton of free cash.

We’ve started using reward points, specifically for cash back, airline miles, or hotels, anything like that that we knew that we’d be using on a frequent basis.

So, now everything that we buy, whether it’s our cell phone bill, our satellite bill, Netflix, groceries, gasoline, we run all of our expenses through our credit cards and we get back tons of reward points.

And, with these reward points, we’ve cashed in on airline miles, hotels, and a variety of other things.

Using your credit cards to taking advantage of these reward points is so passive because you don’t have to do anything.

You’re doing something that you’re already gonna do, to begin with. You just sit back and enjoy the cash.


Passive income idea number four. And, this is a fun one.

So, one of my good friends is a photographer and when he started taking pictures for me and my family and for my business, he asked, “Okay, I will take your pictures and I won’t charge you, “but, I wanna be able to use you “for my iStock photography account.”

At the time, I didn’t know really what iStock was or what stock photography was, but I thought, you know what, if I’m getting free pictures, sign me up.

He would upload my pictures to iStock and businesses from all over the world were using my picture on their websites, brochures, and all their marketing materials.

I’ve had so many people contact me because they saw my picture on some brochure or website and asked like, “Hey, is that you?” It’s like, yeah, that’s me.

Now, I don’t get any royalties for that because all I got was free pictures. But, my buddy who’s a photographer is still making royalties off pictures that he took several years ago.

If you have a knack for a camera and love to take pictures of people, things, whatever, consider using iStock or any stock photography service.


Number five is for all my artists out there. And, this is something that’s not me because I’m definitely musically challenged.

There’s this cool service called Patreon. It’s for any artist that has a community, a growing community, and you wanna get paid for your work.

You have a community of people that love your art whether that be your drawings, your music, whatever that art may be.

And each time that you release a new item, you can get paid a fee for that.

Let me give you a few examples of some people that really have taken advantage of Patreon.

Evan Burse, also known as the Cartoon Block, is a very popular artist and has a thriving YouTube channel.

He loves showing people how to sketch superheroes. With Patreon, any time that he creates a new image, a new sketch, his community will pay him a fee every time that he releases a new image.

Talk about getting paid for what you love to do.

Another person is Chris Greenwood, a musician in the band Manafest who gets paid by his community every time he releases a new music video.

See, these are things that these artists were doing anyway. But, now instead of just releasing something and hopes that somebody will discover it or that you hope that you might get paid for your work, with your community that is looking forward to the next piece of art that you’re going to release, you’re going to get paid and they’re excited to pay you.

Check out for other ideas especially if you’re an artist that wants to get paid for your work.

Writing a Book

Number six. And, this one takes a little bit of time, but once you get it out there, you can really sit back and start earning that passive income. So, what am I talking about?

This time I’m talking about writing a book. Shameless book plug.

Writing and publishing books in the Amazon Kindle program is so much easier than it ever was. So, if this is something that you wanna do, think about it very hard.

Another blogger that I know in the personal finance space named Mike Piper, blogger at is making over six figures a year from the ebooks that he sells. And, guess what? He doesn’t have a ton of ebooks, but he has enough.

And, the ones that he does sell, yields him over six figures every single year. As you could see, writing a book, whether it be a physical book or an ebook, can be very lucrative. You just have to get the book done and get it out there.

Selling Physical Products

All right, number seven.  Let’s get into physical, we’re talking about physical products. So, this could be a variety of things. This could be t-shirts, mugs, blankets.

It’s amazing what you can create and sell online, especially with the Amazon FBA program. But, maybe you don’t wanna go that route and you actually do have a physical product that you wanna sell.

One of my most favorite success stories is Steve Chou from the blog

So, with Steve’s case, his wife is getting ready to quit her job, a six-figure salary living in Northern California and he wanted to find a way that he could replace that so she could still spend the time with their kids, but also not lose out on the income.

So, what do they do? They created a digital online store selling physical products.

In this case, it was handkerchiefs. You could check out his site at and see everything that they sell.

Now, their store has evolved a lot from the handkerchiefs so they offer a lot of different things. But, here’s the cool thing about that story.

Within the first year of launching their online store and selling these physical products, they replaced his wife’s income over $100,000.

Did you hear that? $100,000 after their first year of opening their doors. That’s amazing. And, the best part, it is passive income.

Real State

Number eight. Let me tell you, number eight was one that didn’t work out quite well for me, but I know it’s worked out for a ton of other people.

We are talking about real estate. Now, there are many ways that you can get involved in real estate. You can flip houses, you can buy ’em and sell ’em wholesale or you can become a landlord and have tons of rental properties. And, that’s the path that I started.

But when I started down that path, I realized I had no idea what I was doing.

Now, thankfully, I didn’t lose my butt on that investment, but it did allow me to explore other passive income ideas that I’m currently implementing. But, let me tell you, I have a local friend here who is in his early 30s and is making over $250,000 a year from his real estate properties. He has a lot that he does a flip, but he has a good chunk of his real estate portfolio that is completely passive.

I will tell you if you want to start getting involved with real estate, make sure that you have a good mentor because you can lose a lot of money very quickly if you don’t know what you’re doing.

If you’re not completely comfortable investing in a physical real estate, there are other options.

One option is real estate investment trusts which you can buy through ETFs.

Other options include sites like With Fundrise, they will take your money and you’ll put that in a pool with other real estate investors and then somebody’s in charge of choosing those physical locations for you.

That way, you’re not in charge of picking those locations or having to collect rent and making sure that they’re taking care of the upkeep of those buildings.

All you do is sit back and collect the interest and dividends. Either which way that you look to explore into real estate is going to yield you some sort of passive income.


Passive income idea number nine. If you’re comfortable putting yourself in the world getting in front of a camera kinda like I’m doing right now, you can publish content to YouTube and sit back and make money.

How exactly are you making money on YouTube? The easiest way is the ads that you see.

Those annoying “skip here” ads the first five seconds of every YouTube video that you watch.

Anyway, YouTube publishers get paid any time that you watch any of their videos.

YouTube’s always looking for content creators that are willing to put in the time and effort to create good video content.

One of my favorite local stories here is Emily from Beauty Broadcast.

When she started her YouTube channel showing her community how to apply makeup, she started making a little bit of money with the ads from her videos.

The next thing you knew, those ads kept increasing as her viewers gained and her subscribers gained.

Fast forward to three or four years later, she was able to quit her day job because she was making more money than her day job with her YouTube videos.

Now, she makes almost six figures every year just by putting on makeup every single day.

It works. Whether you wanna create makeup videos, prank videos, or crazy workout videos, if you’re willing to put in the work and upload those to YouTube, you can get paid.


All right, number 10. And, number 10 is definitely one of my favorites because it’s near and dear to me.

It is blogging. And I’m still amazed at not only the amount of money I’ve been able to make from my blog but just all the connections I’ve made with so many amazing people over the years.

Many bloggers are making really good money and most of them are from blog posts that they wrote over three years ago.

It’s amazing and it is almost completely passive.

Online Courses

Here is the last one and I don’t know if this is my favorite, but it definitely is one that I’m pretty excited about. So, what is it? What I’m talking about here is creating your own online course.

Now, this is something that I fought forever. I’ve always wanted to create a course, but I kept struggling with what do I wanna create, what’s the idea? Who are the people that I wanna serve?

I kept coming up with an idea after idea after idea, but unfortunately, I never actually launched any of those ideas.

Now, let me tell you, to make passive income, you don’t make money off ideas. You make money off implementing those ideas.

Out of all the ideas I’ve shared with you, I love the creating an online course idea the most because the margins are ridiculous.

If you’re selling a course for $1000, your cost in that course may only be 100 bucks, 200 bucks.

But, as you go along and make more sales, your margin decreases which means your profits increased.

So, you start making more money and more money and more money. And, guess what? It’s completely passive.

Now, as you can see, there are a ton of passive income ideas you can start.

I’ve only shared 11 with you here today. All right, now I wanna hear from you.

What passive income idea have you implemented? How much are you making? How long did it take until you started earning passive income? I want you to share with us on this blog, so others can benefit and start making some real passive income.